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 Products that can be packaged


Products in bulkSeeds
Dried fruit and legumes, coffee beans, rice, dried mushrooms, all kinds of sweets and baked products, biscuits, candies, popcorn, chips, snacks, short dry or fresh pasta, long cut pasta, mozzarella, shelled and unshelled peanuts, frozen vegetables and other frozen products, etc. small metal and plastic items, spare parts, taps and fittings, plastic pipe fittings.

Flowing and powdered products
Ground coffee, cocoa, sugar, semolina, salt, pepper, talc, pudding powders, powdered milk, spices, potato starch, various kinds of flour, pet food, cake recipe preparations, vitamins, pesticides, etc. plant loam, detergents, plaster, chemical additives, herbicides, rat poison, fine, medium and coarse granular products, etc


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